The ChapterNet Student Dashboard is your "one-stop shop" for everything related to our chapter's scholarships. Log in and create or update your profile, and you'll be able to apply for the scholarships you're eligible for with just a few clicks. And it's not just our chapter's scholarships -- you'll see opportunities from Scholarship America's partners across the nation.

What's more, logging into the Student Dashboard will also give you access to volunteer and internship opportunities, important news about college life, and exclusive resources to help you manage your money, succeed in college, and take advantage of everything Dollars for Scholars has to offer.


I am a Student. How do I apply for a college scholarship?


For the first time ever, Mayville Portland Clifford Galesburg Area Dollars for Scholars has our scholarship application online. The new online process means we can do away with our paper scholarship applications and you can do all of your applying online!

There are three reasons you'll love our new scholarship application process:

1. Check up on your application and update your information easily! You'll fill in all the basic information as you would on our paper scholarship application, and know immediately when we receive it. You will also be able to store and update your important information like GPA, ACT scores and extracurricular activities. So you don't have to look for those letters of recommendations or your high school transcript anymore. It's all here! So access it at anytime which means you only have to fill it out once, for potentially multiple opportunities!

2. One Student Profile; multiple nation-wide opportunities for scholarships. By filling out a Student Profile, you will see any and all of our chapter's scholarships you qualify for and you can apply to them by answering just a few additional questions with a couple of clicks! And that's not all! Across the nation, our parent organization Scholarship America, is working with partners to add new scholarships to the program. Any time your profile matches the criteria for a new scholarship, no matter who or where it is, you will be able to apply to it with just a few clicks! No need to fill out anything else! This means, in addition to the local scholarships you apply for through Mayville Portland Clifford Galesburg Area Dollars for Scholars, now it's 100s, including all the North Dakota Dollars for Scholars scholarships!

3. Much more than applying for scholarships! Have free access to a wealth of financial aid information and resources! And when you're finally in college, come back and get some success tools and additional information for staying debt-free! Your Student Profile and the Student Dashboard is an invaluable tool. It is where you will fill out and update your information to provide a single source for a wide array of invaluable information. You will even be able to export a resume based on all your high school accomplishments!

Fill out your profile today! Click here for directions to help.


I am a Parent. How do I use this?


Mayville Portland Clifford Galesburg Area Dollars for Scholars is grateful you are helping your child out with the overwhelming process of applying for college. However, you don't have to wait until their senior year to start thinking about college!

Registering with us and using our website is a tool that students can start using. Don't wait another minute to find out what scholarships your child is eligible for. ChapterNet allows your family to be competitive and helps demystify the college application process. So register today and see for yourself! 

When you receive an invite from your child, here are the instructions on how to log in and get started.